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Apr 15, 2004
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Now that my forks are working properly the rear end feels harsh. I want to upgrade the rear shocks and don't mind spending the bucks for something good. Would like to put a pair of Ohlins on the bike but don't know if they make anything for it. Or maybe Works Performance or Progressive Suspension? I want something fully tunable and rebuildable. Cost is a secondary concern at this point. Original appearance not necessary although that would be nice.


The Hagon brand of rear shocks for commandos seem to work well Debby.

Some try the "Koni" & do not think their is any difference.

I brought a "cheaper" pair recently that look like the original "Girling" after a mechanic at Pioneer Motorcycles told me they were good. He had used them on a bike he recently sold. I hate them & wish I had brought "Hagons". They are very weak & cannot handle two up riding.

Matt from Colorado Norton Works seems to use the Hagon on his rebuilds. That seems a pretty good pointer in my book.

It would be good if you could ride some nortons with different shocks, then it would be easier to make a choice.
I buy Progressive shocks with the lighter springs of the two availible. Only the preload is adjustible. The springs are gloss black insead of chrome. They also carry high end shocks for the Norton fitment. But by keeping the cost down to 120.00 a pair I can replace them every 50,000 miles or so. Yes, getting the front end complient does show the need to get the back working right. norbsa
I appear to have a pair of original Girlings on the bike. They look just like the illustrations in my Rider's Manual. No annotation at all except this number (IIRC) stamped on the bodies:

640523711B VD037

Both shocks have the same number.

Anyone know what the spring rate might be? They have three preload settings cleverly concealed behind a little shroud. PO had them on the stiffest setting. I think it's safe to say I weigh considerably less than he does so I set them down to the softest setting. Will try that out one of these days when it warms up and all the ice melts.

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