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Jun 17, 2009
Hi all!
I have a 73 850, installed a fair spares belt drive primary along with a left side threaded gearbox adjuster 8 years ago.
Run dry primary, love it feels lighter and shifts wonderfully.
I take the primary cover off about every 150 miles and clean out tiny belt particles and belt powder.

Put on only about 300 miles a year nowadays, primary ride is a Honda St1300.

Anyone with a belt primary give some thoughts on how long the belt is good for, miles/years, when should be replaced?

Its never failed and no real significantly visible cracks.

This is my sixth commando since 1970, I live close to Heinz Kegler and my bike was his prototype for his swingarm rings,
and one of the first commandos fitted with Hemming's adjustable isos, modified by Heinz also.
Hagon shocks, progressive fork springs, avon super venons on 19 front, 18 rear, Buchanon's built shouldered rims,
single 34 mikuni, WOG valve on/off to stop wetsumping, black roadster with corbin gunfighter seat, migura front brake
lever piston assembly, etc, etc
Good question!

Because I don't know how do a picture, yet!

I went back to edit my original post above, found the "image" button and clicked on it, don't know what happened!

Search FAQ, can't find out how to post a picture. Help? can it be a picture from my computer?
Hi hd,

Welcome to the forum! I can't answer your question as I run the stock chain drive on my Nortons, but I'm sure others here can.

I met Heinz last year at Doug's rally. He seemed to find the concept of a woman who rides her own Norton, and turns the wrenches herself, to be rather mindboggling. I guess he's a traditional kind of guy.

Hope to see you at the rally in Mancos next month!

Hi Debby,

Heinz and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he is a really good man, about 74 now, worked for Berliner the Norton importer in the 60's and 70's.

Heinz is a featherbed man and likens a commando handling to the gate of a "limping camel", compared to a featherbed! He is funny, and knows everything!

Yes, being from the "very old school",and I mean that in the most complimentary sense, he no doubt would be surprised at meeting a female norton rider, but he would adapt with a little time.

Heinz also took my clutch basket and made a new one with the splines angled instead of straight cut, as a prototype, I think he even sent it to
the Tech guy who writes for Norton News for a review, but I don't think he ever fitted it to a commando.

Anyway, I am running that clutch basket prototype, my bike is his commando test bike, I love it.

I am planning on going to the rally in Colorado next month, Heinz will be there because he has been asked to give a tech session !
And you guys could post pictures of the ralley for those of us who have to live vicariously.
I think it's great Debby, We have quite a few ladies that ride their own bikes here but I really don't know if they wrench on them. Speaking of Doug how is he these days? He thought I was looking a little to close at his bikes when we were at the Utah rally, LOL. He does some great work. Can't wait for the Colorado rally. Take care.
Hi HD,

Steve Soen in Canada got 75,000 miles out of his primary belt before it shredded. I think you've got a while to go. Look forward to some pics.

Posting Pics, When I first open the Norton Commando forum the top post is always LAB,s sticky post of How to post a pic and other stuff new members need to know. I, sure we all ( well the alpha males at least) like to read the instructions only when all else fails but in this case i would suggest they are well worth a read.
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