New Commando owner

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Jun 26, 2007
Hi from Finland!

I just bought my first bike ever and found out your forum. I'll be posting basic questions since I don't have knowledge of Commandos. I have played with old cars so my technical skills might be enough for building this british gem :roll:

Before I even can ride the damn thing I have to build it because it was totally stripped by someone, good news is that hopefully when it breaks I know what to do straight away :) It will be Cafe bike so I don't mind putting some unorthodox parts to it. I have take some pics from it (parts in the baskets and frame on the floor)

Oh! btw, if some one has some spare interesting Cafe parts I'd like to know (especially alu tank, big one).... even the shipping will cost money.


I almost did the same as you. Bought a Commando for my first bike.

I have skills from being a bicycle mechanic for years (a while ago) and that mechanical knowledge transferred over to motorcycles. I'm sure since you have wrenching experience with cars, working on a bike will be no problem.

There are a lot of knowledgable and very helpful people on this forum.
Not open for further replies.