New Chain for 850 commando

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Mar 1, 2007
Any ideas out there on a good inexpensive chain to replace my orig one. I just bought a new 21 tooth countersprocket from MAP, I am an occasional rider but may take her on a long trip say 3-400 miles once in a while. I want dependability. Thanks for any advise on brand and company to purchase from--Mark C
I asked the same Q a while back but I just converted to 520 O ring. All chains need regular lubing but the best mileage I've had was from DID std and Tsubaki std 530 chain. The Renold (most $'s) stretched badly with the same kind of maintenance (chainlube every 300 miles). There are some really low cost chains available in the US and they might be OK. All depends on how hard you are on takeoff and thru the gears.
If I was staying with stock 530 chain I would be looking for a pair of 110 link 35.00 buck chains. I would than just exchange them as they needed service. Chain needs to be hot to get the lube into the plain bearings and this is easily done off the bike and very messy on the bike. Chain lube on the outside is not important, lube on the insides is. Marshall is a big maker of descent chain that is cheaper than others.It has side link widths that don't rub into the cases on Commando's.
I have gone over to 520 X-ring with modified sprockets and never looked back. See Frank at Clubman Racing he keeps them around but you have to change the front sprocket. The expensive words "while your at it" come to mind.
The only problem with the 21t gearbox sprocket is that you'll probably find that you need a 99 link chain. Having the odd "cranked" link reduces your choices somewhat.

The alternative is that you'll start off with 100 links right at the back of the adjusters and have to chop it down to 98 when it's "stretched" a bit.

Despite all this, the 21t is my choice on a standard 850.
I too just did the 520 x-ring and 21 tooth sprocket conversion. Actually it is happenning right now.

Back when I used to ride bicycles quite a bit (gained a few pounds so I should get back on) I swapped out chains quite frequently. I had two chains per bicycle and would change over when the one on the bike was ready for a clean. Dirty chain off, clean one on and repeat a few months down the road. Some may think this might be costly, but a good quality bicycle chain will still set you back $60. I might try this with the 850 and see how things work out.
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