My new pushrod holder

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Hi all,

I got tired of trying to juggle four pushrods, a head, and a head gasket, all with only ten fingers :p ... so I made a pushrod holder.

I took a piece of 1.5" wide Aluminum stock and notched it to support the four pushrods at the bottom, just at the last taper before the straight part. Kind of looks like a comb with four teeth and a handle.

Then I drilled and bolted on an 8" handle which I curved around the head.

You put the pushrods in the upside down head, then slip on the holder. You hold the head in two hands with the holder in your right hand pressed against the front fins (I may see about making another bend to slip in between the fins so it's self-supporting).

You then rotate the head to the upright position while keeping pressure on the holder so the rods don't slip out. This keeps them pressend into the rockers the whole time while you position it in the frame.

Then it's a piece of cake to line them up over the holes, slip the holder off, and let them drop into place 8)

Oh, I also figured out I can keep the gasket in place with masking tape ... d'uh.

I'll take pics this weekend when I put my head back on (don't ask) ... I'll use my 3rd hand to hold the camera ... :roll:
Not open for further replies.