my 16 yr old son looking for experience

Aug 29, 2005
Mark [son mk ll] who lives with his mother up near Linsay ontario is looking for jap twin stuff to get mechanical experience....he is riding my SR500 yammy right now so if ya got anything in that line he is hot on them as well but the main thrust of all this is to get into like a 350/360 450/500 honda or yammy 500/650 or really just about any cheap 4 stroke twin that he can build into a poor mans cafe racer....remember the ones we used to build back in the 70s? ya thats it...hes getting to be a pretty good wrench so if he can get something that he can play with and any pretty parts then he can plug up his mothers garage[ha ha ha] and not have a lot tied up in it and not have to get really deep into engine work yet...i dont mind running around and picking the things up for him and springing for a good set of tires and the other stuff necessary to make the things safe after he gets the pretty taken care of but he doesnt have much money to throw around so if ya think that thing in the shed is worth big bucks to the [brain damaged]jap collectors then its out of his range but if ya wanna help a kid out that really has a passion for learning this trade we would both certainly appreciate it....keep it in mind when you run across something or need the space in the shop for that norton....thanks very much folks....barry and mark :wink: