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Can I get more noise out of my 73 850 commando? I have the stock pipes on it now. dear Watson!
Remove the silencers, make a few runs at full throttle through your local town at midnight and wait for the cops to get thier sirens going. Then wait for the noise the wife will make when she has to bail you out........ all in all...lots more noise.
The old Classic Dunstall megs were always guaranteed to produce a level of quality and NOISE!!! against the Bull Shyte racket of staright out pop pop eye pipes..
loud enough for ya?

My 1 5/8 balanced peashooters are loud enough that the neighbors ask, "How much longer are you going to do that?" when I'm tackling tuning chores.

FWIW - I'd preffer not to wake up the block at fast idle anyhow. I'll leave that to the a**hole HD riders with their silly "drag pipes."
Andy, I build both the standard Commando header pipes and Peashooter mufflers and big bore headers and Peashooters.
I can build these Peashooters with nothing inside if thats what you wanted.
All that I build is available in Black Chrome as well.
drop me a note.
Cheers Paul
Dear Andy!

Is it really the NOISE, or the SOUND you want to improve?!?!
I have listened to Harleys that were just LOUD, no good sound at all…
I reckon you hardly get a better noise than a fine and sorted out Commando that is being accelerated from standing start. The sound from those peashooters is just amazing and I am glad my Commando 750 S does not bring out too much noise.
The peashooters were originally designed for the bike, giving it the perfect power-to-sound balance as well (Thanx Wolff Olins!!). Anything else is a bad compromise, in my eyes.
If you want the real grumpy, unadolescent, filthy sound, go and buy yourself a Norton 500cc longstroke Manx. THAT must be like the bells of hells. Sets you back top $$$$, though, but must be one of life’s greatest joys.
Easiest solution: revv your Commando 4000–5000 rpm while you are not wearing a helmet, and it sounds perfect.

That is me being a typical German smart-ass…

Regards from Hamburg, Germany

Hi Matt,

I love your statement about NOISE versus SOUND; sometimes we forget there is a difference.

"I have listened to Harleys that were just LOUD, no good sound at all… "

Truly worthy of applause .. agreed totally!

I for one find the sound of Harley's purley offensive.. just crapola!

But the peashooter ~ and many of the traditional UK products produce a pleasant ~ me-loud-ious sound.

Most of us have experienced the sound of a Brit bike with no mufflers.. and again I reckon they just sound burbling popping crapola~

There fore the key is to produce or obtain something that emits a tone or quality, rather than to simply offend all and sundry!
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