mk 2 amals

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Jan 9, 2005
Hi guys
I have a 69 fastback witch ive had for 34yrs and have just fitted a set of mk2s.
I now have a fuel leak which seems to coming from the float bowls, are they pouros?is this a problem which has been noted.
Before i set it alight has anyone got any answers
thanks Dougal
I had a similar problem.

What was happening to my Amal was the float bowl gasket had indented where the float rod is, allowing the rod to float upwards just a bit, thus unseating the float needle and allowing gas to flow.

There is an inexpensive Amal rebuild kit that includes the gasket, replacement float needle, and other gaskets. I had the same problem and had to ride 50 miles home using my petcock valve to control the fuel flow. No fun.

By replacing the floatbowl gasket with a new one and replacing the float needles with a brass replacement my problem was fixed.

Hi Art
Ill Have to look into that one ,if thats the problem where do i get the kit from?
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