Mikuni vm34 750 commando

Nov 10, 2005

I get some troubles with my mikuni carb. The engine stay a 3 or 4000rpm sometimes more when i cut the gas . There is 2 springs for the throttle
Does anyone could give the good setting (if possible) for this carb
actuelly throttle slide 3 min jet 240 pilot jet 30 needle jet 159 p0
air jet 2.0
Thanks in advance for helping



Hello mr norbsa

It s a new carb but you seems to be right the iregulal level come from the
vibrations i suppose
i m going to check the level (to hight)

thanks for your help '(& mr panic to)

I have seen cables that come with kits that are sold that are so heavey they could be clutch cables. A stiff cable will make a new slide stick and gall if the turn at the top of the carb is tight enough. I have made my own cables ever since this happend to me many years ago. If your new slide is skuffed at all this is the problem. Mr. Panic is often right. But you should always check the float level on any carb you install and always on the inclined Norton. norbsa
When I first run with Mikuni throttle would stay open, nothing sticky, but seemed like vacuum was overcoming spring forcing piston up holding throttle open when approaching corners. This added to the general excitement of the ride. I intended to double up on spring or some other bodge, but problem disappeared completely within a few thousand miles & no hint of it since?????? That was several years ago
Route the throttle cable with the greatest radius bends possible. Check the twistgrip...do you have a tension screw? If so, back it off completely and lube the twistgrip/handlebar interface with some silicone grease.


i ve checked that it s ok
the engine stay at 4000rpm with the throttle down
The only way now is air leak i suppose
the problem doesn t come with the float level

If you are running points, your auto advance may be sticking.