Michigan Norton Owners

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Apr 7, 2004
Michigan Norton Owners

Michigan Norton Owners

Michigan Norton Owners

Michigan Norton Owners

Michigan Norton Owners
In 1985 or there about I rode my 73 850 from Toronto to Michigan ( to what part I dont know) to attend a norton rally .

I had the time of my life. The people friendly and real, I wish great luck.

The one thing that sticks out from that rally is that a guy was ridin around on (I think a 73 750) and was selling it for 500 dollars).

Awww the good old days.

Right on guys keep up the good work.
HEY! I recognize that inventory list...

I'll see what I've got in the spares bin, I've pretty much rounded up everything for my next Norton project.

I've got PLENTY of OEM bronze clutch plates!
I just heard from Bruce Chessell who is willing to fix the carbs and the head threads. Big help from him. A lot of us ride with the guys in Ontario.
I updated the list of parts needed and added part #'s We have had some good luck and just need all the small stuff now. Greg
I also have a freshly CAD plated front axle, not sure about the nut.

Where do we send stuff?

You ought to add "Charity Project" to the title of this thread...
Paul, I will email my snail mail I am the parts depot at this point. Thank you very much for thinking of us. Anyone else doing some shopping might add a small item from our list. You will get a credit on our list for your taxes.
Got some more stuff for this bike. Thanks to all the folks out there thinking of us as they order their part from a favorite dealer. Just down to the smaller pieces now. Updated the list above. Greg
So, will there be a project thread with assembly sequence photos, etc?
Hey Greg , your parts need list shows a carb to airbox connector with the part number listed as 06-4180 . I show that to be the MK III part . I have 2 new 06-2537 connectors I can send you , which my research shows are the correct ones for a pre Mk III commando . If you can check and confirm that I have what you need , shoot me a shipping address and I'll get them on their way .

Ron, Yes we need ones for mark two, so you must be right about the mistake on the part #'s. We were pulling the part#'s off the Norvil catalog and got mixed up. Yes Ron if you would email me at norbsa@hotmail.com I will give you my snail mail address. Greg
Paul, That is still in the air, we have some state laws to obey if it is to be a raffle, someones job to check this out. Tomorrows the meeting I ask about that.
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