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Apr 28, 2008
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I was thinking of using the Megacycle Cam 560-00 with radius tappets in an otherwise stock 850cc engine. Could anyone tell me what sort of performance difference I could expect with this cam?


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I would not use any cam other than stock with a stock engine. the 56000 cam has more duration which needs more compression to see a benefit. you will loose bottom end torque and with head work bigger exhaust and more compression it is a wast of time and money IMHO.

I just rebuild my 1970 fastback with a 750 cc engine. I used the megacycle 560-N-R cam. The finish on the tach drive gear was bad and there were issues getting it on the sprocket. The head has been cleaned up a little and compression bumped up slightly. The bike runs strong and likes to go fast. I've got the points on my license to prove that. You need to ask if you want a nice idle and smooth running or if you want more power. There are times I think that a smooth trip around town might be worth more than I thought.
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I run a Johnson Cams J360 that's a lot like the 560-N-R - both of which work well in stock-ish motors. They will wake up a bit more with a free flowing exhaust.
The 560NR looks to be quite a jump from the stock cam, 0.065 lift and 40 deg duration. How is the driveablity off idle and low throttle impacted?
The 560-N-R comes off from idle really strong with great low end power. IWith a 19th tooth engine sprocket, my bike does not like to languish at less than 40 mph.
Same story with my J360. It pulls well from idle to redline and idles fairly smoothly at 900 rpm. This is on a 10.5 to 1 motor with a lot of modifications, so your experience may differ.
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