Magneto cut out

Mar 6, 2007
Can anyone explain how to fit a cut out to the magneto?
Presumably it would be a short to the points somehow, but where? how? anyone got a diagram/link/article they can share please?
I want to fit one to my ES2.
The only way I have seen this done is by fitting the end cap on the mag that has and earth pole through the middle and then passing the wire through a switch to earth....someone I know has linked this to his tap on the bottom of the oil tank. The tap prevents wet sumping but you must remember to turn it on before startng so to prevent you starting the bike you have a micro switch which indexes on the tap lever i.e to earth in the off position earth broken tap in the on position.......hope this is clear it came about after a wrecked Velocette Venom engine but it did do 25 miles without oil :shock: