Magic Boots = easier starting

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Jun 16, 2005
Hi All,
I'm amazed by my new footwear. I recently bought a new pair of boots from a well known supplier (German sounding name 'H-G') store here in Maidstone, behind the local 'Nick'. I find that my Norton starts much easier when I'm weaing these boots, could the complex mixture of leather, gortex(c), synthetic rubber and Velcro(c) be the answer to the problem of poor starting, or is my imagination just in overdrive.

PS I've read all the Harry Potter biogrophies.

Magic boots are definitely companions of the Norton owner. Now, get some Autolite spark plugs and put them in your pocket at least five minutes prior to starting your bike. These plugs will prevent injury as you kick start your Norton to life. And they are better than copper bracelets at reducing arthritis pain!

The Autolites will work even better if you put them in the engine :roll:

Having said that, I'm currently using some old NGKs. Wanted colder plugs for the hot weather. Now that the carbs are sorted the old boy isn't so fussy about plugs.


Hi Roy,

i know this is off subject. I just wanted to let you know i did get the photos and will add them to the main site. I am off to UK to see my dad and grandma next week so i will put them on when i return in a few weeks.

What make were the boots then? I am stupid :oops: cant figure it out.

All the best - jerry
I have the same boots! They're great! And they really do work. Every time I have trouble stating the Norton, I just take my flip-flops off, put the magic boots on and give it a kick. Works every time...and I have noticed the boots have even caused an increase in horsepower too. No more slowing down the rear wheel by getting those flip-flops stuck in the spokes. The only advantage to the flop-flops was that the spokes were always clean. I don't carry a set of plugs pockets on my jacket. The pockets got ripped off the last time I wore the the bushes I encountered when the flip-flops got stuck in the spokes.

By the the new Harry Potter as good as all the others? My copy hasn't arrived yet and my daughter won't let me read hers.....she says I'm a Muggle.
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