Lubrication pipes

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Sep 11, 2006
hey guys, I building a chopper with the great norton 750 engine, my question is regarding lubrication pipes an hoses, I need to know how they are routed:
-Inner engine pipe goes to where?
-Outer engine Pipe goes to where?
-Pipe that comes out of engine on the front left side goes where? (lots of oil coming out of there)

Pictures will be greatly appreciated
Inner pipe is the scavenge (or return) pipe. There is a cartridge filter unit fitted to the pipe between the engine and the oil tank from 1972-on models and is a good modification to fit to an earlier model.

Outer is the supply.

The pipe on the left is the engine breather (early model 750 only) and that should also connect to the oil tank.

See layout diagram here scavenge shown in Red and supply in Blue:

The diagram shows the layout for the 1975 850. This has the main breather pipe connected to the engine at a different position and the tank breather does not connect to the carb intake, but otherwise the layout is very similar.
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