Low on cash and need services?

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Jan 15, 2008
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I want to make the following offer-

In about 2 weeks, I'll be sending batches of parts out for:

-Cad plating (nuts, bolts, washers and small bits) Silver finish
-Aluminum polishing (engine covers, fork legs, etc.)
-Chrome plating (just about anything EXCEPT nuts, bolts & tiny bits)
-Powdercoating - any color (actually, I'll be picking up a batch, but I can deliver another batch at the same time to save on shipping)

It won't be easy to quote a bunch of people one or two parts each, but I'll do my best. What I can assure you is that you'll get good results for less than just about anywhere, and with fairly quick turnaround (typically less than 3 weeks).

U.S.Postal Svc. flat rate boxes and large envelopes are cheap to send little stuff, weight is not an issue if it fits in the USPS envelope or box.

I'm making nothing off of this except a lower price for services on some stuff I need for the project monoshock Norton I'm building for sale in a couple of months.

Bring it on!

I have to have the stuff in my shop NO LATER THAN THURSDAY 11/12, so it can all go out on Friday.

B.A.B., 3304 E. Frost St., Laredo, TX 78043

Let me know at grandpaulz@hotmail.com if you are sending stuff.
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