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Dec 15, 2006
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My '75 Interstate has a case of the "Rattlin' Headlight Ears". At certain RPM the right hand headlight ear will rattle at the top (just below the top triple clamp) against the fork tube. I looked at a parts book but didn't see any type of bushing to keep the ear cushioned from the fork tube. Any recommendations? Fit an O-ring between the ear & fork leg? Since the steering stem is attached to the top triple tree, this looks like it could be a challenge to access - remove front wheel, remove fork top bolts, remove stem nut, drop lower triple clamp/fork tubes away from top triple clamp. I'd appreciate any insight into a simplified process.

Thanks for the help!

Joe in St Louis
jumpjg said:
I looked at a parts book but didn't see any type of bushing to keep the ear cushioned from the fork tube.

Your parts list should show that each headlight ear/bracket has two 990502 O-rings (use 990522, - same O-ring as carb flanges) fitted between the bracket and lower yoke/triple clamp?

http://www.nortonmotors.de/ANIL/Norton% ... 21&Part=46
-items marked "46" (x2 for each fork leg).

The easiest way to do it in my opinion, is to remove the front wheel and mudguard/fender, and then drop each fork leg out, the stem nut and yokes may need to be loosened off in order to gain enough clearance to fit everything, but I'm not 100% sure (from memory) if it is necessary to do that or not.
Thanks for pointing out the o-rings. I didn't notice them as I was looking for something fitted at the top, where I notice the movement. Is their purpose to preload the headlight ears up onto the upper triple clamp? Or rather is one o-ring placed adjacent to the lower triple clamp and the second placed adjacent to the upper triple clamp? I'm sure this will all become obvious when disassembled, but I'm asking now to get an understanding of the assembly prior to initiating the repair.

Appreciate your help,
Actually you need six of these o-rings. Two fit below the headlight ears and one above the headlight ears on each side. As Les says you will probably need to loosen the fork stem. There is a small recess in the lower yoke and I believe another at the top. I find it easiest to slip the tubes back in the yokes to hold the rings in place, then re-tighten the stem nut. Then pull the tubes completely up in the yokes and tighten the pinch bolts.
Thanks for the quick response. I now know what is involved and will schedule adequate time to accomplish the task.

Appreciate the help!
Yes, Ron L is right, you will need six O-rings.

The original parts book lists six required, but the book illustration and the Andover Norton website only shows the lower ones.
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