Looking for slimline frame-

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Nov 21, 2005
Restoring a 1961 650 Dominator that has been chopped
by some crazed :evil: fool.

Should anyone know of an available slimline frame,
roadholder forks, TSL front wheel , fneders and/or Atlas or Commando "S" chain guard please drop me a line..

actually two chain guards would be lovely as I have a "S" type
in restoration as well and would love to bolt one on my 72 Combat
Thank you! CommandoChris@yahoo.com

If you wish to see what can happen to a poor defenceless
motorcycle :cry: with a grand name check out http://www.geocities.com/makomyday/Domi ... nning.html
Dear Captain (or should that be Sir?)

I have noticed a couple of featherbed frames on E-Bay USA over the last couple of days both slimline and wideline models. However my own opinion is that these frames tend to be overpriced when they come up in the US compared to what they go for in the UK. You often see this type of frame advertised in the UK classic press, a number of advertisers in these publication have hoardes of parts and an enquiry will often reveal what you are looking for. 'Unity Equipe' has new frames fro sale but rather pricey.

Regarding forks, I believe the fork bottoms are the same for the dominator and the drum-braked Commandos, The only difference is the fork tube and damper length and the seal holders, shrouds etc. The fork width is also different for the Dominator and Commando so you do need the correct triple clamps. Commando and Dominator fork parts are numerous and available and the other parts including the chain guards should be available from any number of the reputable Norton parts suppliers often mentioned in this forum. As an aside I note that many of the parts we need for our bikes are available brand new much cheaper than the 'alleged' NOS that is often offered on E-Bay.

Good hunting,
Dear Dave

Yes, thank you! I am familiar with all the usual houses of British Parts and E$B$A$Y... Seems I have already dumped a small fortune there. 2 whole bikes and many many parts and that is why I am reaching out here to real people.. Thank you Sir!
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