Looking for a good picture

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Apr 7, 2004
Looking for a good picture of the early pipes. 1 3/8 pipes that are made so as to tuck back to the frame right out of the head. They also flare out at the muffler connection. They are all I have ever seen on stock 69's I think these stopped in 1970. Everyone seems to do straight on side shots of their bikes. You would need a 3/4 front shot or a shot of the front of the bike to see this detail. I am told that it was a change in the suppliers that caused these pipes to be discontinued. Does anyone know if they are being reproduced? A look through the photo gallery here produced nothing useful. I wish someone would make them in an 1 1/2 version.
Here's one shot not as good as i would like though.There is an up swept version as well.
Looking for a good picture
I can't locate it right now but I am pretty sure Phil Radford at Fair Spares America had listed 'Original style' 750 pipes in his catalog. Might be worth a call. He's always interesting to talk to.
I just lost my w'house space and in moving my extensive unfinished projects nos parts, tools and whatever, I came across a nos pipe that I think is the one you are trying to locate a photo. of. I will attempt to find it, surely one of those blue tarps streached out behind my house will contain the item!
Thanks JT,
Still trying to find out if the 70 Commando ran a straight or an up swept exhaust.
The R type above is the straight type and is just like a 69 Fastback these can still be bought new, they use the Atlas mufflers. The pipes swell out at their ends to meet them.
I am trying to find a set that has the off set at the head so that the are tucked in towards the frame and are also up sweep for pea shooters.
Norbsa, the photos I have seen of pipes as you describe are ONLY featured on the Production Racer, circa 1970, as far as I can tell. Upswept silencers but not pea shooters.

I found mine, it is the off side pipe(right side), I fixed it to the head this morning and it does bend in closer and seems to be just above the bottom frame rail, however, it is not the one you are looking for, as it is level with the frame rail. I had a '71 PR in '72 which came from the factory with the Atlas style mufflers, and the pipes turned up at the rear.
I've been after a pair of that type of header for a while now and RGM have agreed to get a short run made if I could find a good sample. Just recently I've found a buddy who has a pair, if you are keen I'll push the project forward and get off my butt and take them to RGM.
They shouldn't cost much more than the other non-balanced headers.

Cash, Thank you for this offer. Right now I am looking for a set that could be re- Chromed. We may find many other takers if word gets out. PM me and we can exchange emails.
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