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May 2, 2005
Does anyone have a roadster tank they would be willing to part with? I've currently got a highrider tank but it only holds 2.5 gal. That extra gal in the roadster tank sure would be nice..... Steel or fiberglass, doesnt matter to me. [/img]
Have you shopped Ebay

There was F/glass Fastback tank went of only several days ago in Australia for <$150>

I guess that would have meant going down the fast back road.. and there is the issue of buying "older' glass tanks . but there are a bargains to be had.

A mate of mine in NZ bought a beautiful Alloy tank for his BSA classic racer several weeks back ~ being the UK and him a Kiwi it cost him but he is over the moon.

I personally, bought a T120 tank, for $65 AUD, it needs a little TLC but I knew that when I bought it and although I was working on a new project bike ~ I figure I will repair, repaint and sell it on at a nice profit I anticipate ~

For one mad moment I figured being a US tank and very similar to the T160 style it would look great as a custom tank on the Commando ~ (particularly in the Aprilia burgundy/ red , I found in the local paint shop catalogue!) But in standard form we all know about that centre tube..

That would certainly improve my fuel load capacity from the 3.75 gallons on the roadster tank!

Cheers Stuart
I'm an ebay veteran but I'm still suspicious about shelling out that kind of money for some of that stuff. For some of the prices I've seen listed, I can buy a brand new glass tank from OldBritts! There's a steel tank listed right now that i've got my eye on.

Interesting idea to get a tank from another model though--I could always fit my Bonnie tank on just to see how it would work out... of course the Bonnie tank still only holds about 3gal! 60mpg is nice though...
roadster tank

Actually your hi rider tank holds about 2 gallons. From empty my fiberglass roadster tank will only take 2.5 gallons. If you're going for the roadster tank hold out for the '75 850 MkIII steel tank. It holds close to 3.2 gallons. The MkIII is the one that doesn't show any welds. It's as clean as a fiberglass tank.

If you can't find one cheap contact Raber's in San Jose. www.rabers.com
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