Long Term Thident Cafe Racer Project Coming Up

HI Fast Eddie
Sent them an email yesterday, hope they reply, they may be on holiday as Australia Day here!

Set the frame up on my table to do some real measurements and found that with the bottom rails flat to the table the engine is tilting back about one degree, the steering head rake is 27 degree, should be 28 and 4.3" trail, this wasn't an accurate measurement as I need to find where I put my bar that goes in the steering head, only checked the outside of the steering head housing.

The swing arm is either twisted or the frame is, so next step is to machine up some accurate mounts along with a longer 5/8" stud so I can set the swing arm pivot bores up parallel to the table then I can check all other dimensions relative to the swing arm bores.

I may have to drop the front down a bit to get the engine looking correct, which will alter rake and trail, not sure if a good thing or bad at this stage.

Anyhow lots of fun, 43C here to day which wasn't much fun :( beers clod though.
how’s it going??
Hi Jan
Bit slow, as I said long term project.
Finished another Suzuki GT750, and started on my 1951 TR5 Triumph Trophy, plus house renovations and cataracts removed and new lenses installed so I can see.
Rally coming up this weekend so 650SS will get a run.
The trident may have to wait till I finish the TR5 and a 1969 Daytona, as I have less to do to them, but this will give me time to chase parts up for the Trident.

Forgot to say I bought a few bits, RGV front brakes complete with master cylinder, as forks are RGV, also a set of late model Triumph fuel injection to see how it matches up with the head,
looks very close, so who knows?
Also sold my business/cnc machine tools, but as part of the deal I had to go with them, so now back working full time machining and engineering.

This is a cool thread to see, I certainly don't know much of the Rob North frames/bikes, but looking through this site https://robnorthtriples.com/frame/

That seems like a really incredibly good deal for a full rolling chassis. And looking through more of the page, am I missing something? These prices all seem super low. Are they still building and selling this stuff?

If so, I know what I'm doing next. Have a combat motor, gearbox, and some other random parts without a home.
I wondered that too, not uncommon for websites to never get updated and the prices are those of an earlier era. Usually one where we didn't make that much dosh so even those numbers were beyond our reach.
I'm going to try to get in contact. Just wrote to them asking if the rolling chassis is still available and if they would be willing to crate and ship to the US of A
They will make one for a Commando engine if you ask them (or at least they used to).
I wondered that too, not uncommon for websites to never get updated and the prices are those of an earlier era. Usually one where we didn't make that much dosh so even those numbers were beyond our reach.
The last Rob North I built was in 2009 and the website prices were the same then, however Les Whiston is a decent bloke to deal with.
Wot is the all up weight on one of his Tridents suitable for the road v. weight of a North Commando?

I built & still own an OIF T160 ten years ago using a 1977 T140v frame & wheels. All I needed to do to fit the engine was cut off the front frame mounts, machine the bottom bolt holes on both outer crank cases back & countersink for a couple of c/s socket screws. The engine then drops straight in between the bottom frame rail mounts. The original RH rear mount plate fits with either 5/32" machined off the inner gearbox cover or by using spacers. A new LH rear plate is easy to make, as are the front mounts & head steady. The gearbox & rear wheel sprockets line up with no mods & the centre exhaust runs out between the frame rails slightly offset to the left by approx 1/4" as in an original T160 frame. I also moved the oil filler to the top of the frame as I didn't think four pints of oil was enough for a tuned 930 triple.

I know you are using a T150 motor, but as far as I am aware the crank cases are the same as a T160, with the exception of the 15 deg. barrel angle.


Would like to talk to you off forum, can you text me or call 07963521106 please