"Legends of the Motorcycle" slide show.

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Jul 24, 2006
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This slide show of bikes at the "Legends of the Motorcycle" show in Half Moon Bay, California (I believe), was posted to the Triplesonline forum, but features a lot of Nortons, so just thought that it may be interest. :D


At 1:03 there is a Norton with what appears to be a Dunstall 2-1-2 that is still wearing its centre stand. I always thought that with this type of system the centre stand had to go. It looks very nice..........might have to get one. :?:
That was one of the benefits of the PowerPipe system, it retained the ability to have a centerstand mounted.
Art of the Motorcycle slide show

Just wanted to say thanks for posting pics of the show.I was unable to go and it was a real treat to see the pics, especially the great Agostini, my childhood idol...Cheers, Augie
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