K81 Differences

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Dec 24, 2003
Can anyone that has first hand experience using the "360" K81 tell me how it differs from using the "410" K81 please ?

Please, nothing out of the text book, real experience only if possible.
This is very interesting question and I am curious of the outcome. I have not tried it. However I recently acquired a very nice 73 Interstate 850. It has a 410 K 81 on the rear and 3.25 / 19 K70 on the front. I really like the way the bike feels. It feels lighter and and easier turning as compared to the twin 410 / 19 Super Venoms I had on my Mark III, and I really liked those.
I am thinking by going to the smaller tire on the 850, it makes it more manuervable, yet still stable. I am thinking of changing the K70 to a 360 K81 and am curious as to what others have to say.
Michael, I should have said front in my question, my error.

I actually went & brought one today for my 850 which has been off the road due to head problems. They are all fixed & she is "snortin" once more. I have yet to take the bike very far from home, but maybe on Sunday I will test it out through some good mountainous twisting roads.

My 850 has the "narrow" handlebars whereas my interstate 750 has the "semi western" bars, so it feels different right now. It will take a few miles to get used to the narrower bars also.

I know a lot ride with the narrow bars or "clip ons" but I somehow like the wider bars, probably just used to it. Still, I feel like you have more control with the wider bars.

What does anyone else think about that ?
nortonfan, I've ran both sizes on my bike and the 3.60 gives a much lighter and quicker "point and shoot" type steering versus the 4.10's slower but more stable feel. I don't ride my bike at extreme top speeds, but I've read that the early bikes, like mine, suffered some handling quirks at high speeds that may have been related to the narrow front tire. The narrower front tire feels a bit "fidgety" sometimes, but does quicken-up the steering response. Also the ride up front seems a little more harsh, no doubt less pneumatic dampening. Do you have a source for new 3.60's? They seem to be very scarce in the U.S. right now.
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