just for eye pleasure

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Too much to take in without using up 3 weeks looking at each bike and appreciating the details.


Thanx, man.
Hi there Kebra, Frank Sider posted a note about this meeting earlier this year in June, and so as I was on holiday in that area last weekend, I attended the meeting on the (hot) Saturday :p but not Sunday.

It was very enjoyable and I am glad I went. There were some great craftwork on a lot of the bikes and a nice atmosphere. I was going to see about posting some photos of it, but there is no need now!

I and my wife were walking towards the pit area just after we got there, when my wife said that she had never seen a Commando in France before (apart from mine and my friends), and immediately a black Commando Roadster came down from the pits. Sounded beautiful. Also whilst on holiday, I saw a black Interstate passing St Aubin near Beaune on Friday!

A great venue. Thanks Frank
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