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Hello, I'm a relatively new Norton owner, although I had a 75 850 commando 15 years ago, I have been concentrating on Triumphs and now have a garage full. So now I have to build a new learning curve and all help would be appreciated.

I recently found a John Player Norton leaning against a garage door not more than 3 miles from my house, I live in the Pacific Northwest so the weather has not been kind to it. It is very complete and restorable but had been sitting outside for years so a complete tear down is underway.

Most parts are available but I do not know were to get the graphics for the fairing and seat - any ideas??

Also the rear axle is seized in the bearings and wont budge from the wheel, its free of the stub axle but thats as far as it will go - any wonderfull ideas other than cutting the axle out??

Thanks for any and all help and I'm sure I'll have more questions.

Gig Harbor, Washington State

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first thing I would advise is to join the inoa and buy the tech digest. it will be the BEST money you ever spent. nortons are not a triumph and have there own little things that need attenion to make it a very good bike. see the link for the inoa.
next advice is dont be afraid to ask as the only dumb quistion is the one you did not ask. a lot of people on here have ben there done that.

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