Is there NO God.. butchered Commandos

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My grandson has one just like it.....but his has a better paint job,runs on a 12 volt and has training wheels. Bet his goes faster too.... :wink:

PS.....all jokes aside....this guy has less taste than a Harlem Pimp....and he will more than likely get less than the pimp would for one of his necklaces... :D
Hi Stuart,
I think we keep God busy enough, and I don't think that this is a case for 'Dinine Intervention'
So give the vendor a break - after all he's probably got six toes and plays the banjo!
somebody might buy it return it to something resembling 'normal'
cheers and beers
Stuart, i'm pleased we live in OZ, i wonder if any of our U.S. colleagues could run down to Mississippi and straighten this clown out, does he now what a '73 Commando looks like.
Late breaking news.....

Bidding has stopped on this choice item.....he withdrew it. Zero bids.

Wonder why.....hummmm....maybe the KKK set up a cross on his lawn last night...?

Then again...maybe not.

Maybe they just burned his bike, instead. :wink:
Matteee ~

Com~on~ own up!! Who emailed him and threatened to remove one of his six toes for "crimes against the true biking enthusiasts of the world "!

Please, please, please show the the kinder and gentler side of Norton ownership. The poor lad that made that abomination has probably been watching way too many "chopper makeover shows" on the telly.
For you blokes in the rest of the world; the US has been taken over by the chopper craze. I cannot for the life of me understand it, but as the devote`s of this mess say "if I have to explain it you just wouldn't understand". I can only hope the ROW won't have to endure this insanity. I may have to move to OZ before I go bleeping mad from it here. :?

(getting too old for stupidity)
I now have seen everything

trying to keep positive but when I look at the Speedo and Tach -- guess that is where I lose it. It reminds me of what some of my friends from back in the 60's would do after licking those little flower decals. It is good for discussion however! enjoy devildog
Yes~ we get the OCC boyz out here. I take my hat off to them for creating a business sensation. Like build custom bikes and have fun and make a fortune while you're at it.. a perfect world..

The fact that find 99% of their creations abominations and hideous is irrelevant ~ right :roll:
And that "thing " they created fro Jay Leno in the inspiration from Leno's Brough Superior ` would shake the dead!!! Blalhhh!!!

As for the Instruments. I agree.. what a tragedy ~ man what a mess ~ if it was mine I would be a road hazard .. I would not be able to take my eyes off them .. wondering if they were going o jump up and bite me on the nuts.. !! What a mess!!!

Points out of ten .. minus ~ no ~ two for the choice of engine and gearbox!!!
Your not alone, it's becoming rife down here too, Pauly and the boys from AMERICAN CHOPPER have a lot to answer for.
Tell me it's not true, don't tell me the chopper craze has infected OZ too!
Is the world doomed? We must get at least 5 other chopper shows on the telly every week, Build or Bust, Chopper Build Off, American Thunder, V Twin, Corbin's Ride on and maybe some that I've missed (thank God). I guess the thing that PO's me is that there is enough of a market to sell these overpriced pieces of $%$& and the Norton 961 is stillborn, Cor. No justice in this world mates.
My only solace is to wring the neck of my CBR 600 on weekends (105rwhp and 390lbs) and show the posers the quick way home. I've found that most of the chopper boyz get a bit nervous when the speedo goes past 90 and I'm just clicking into third gear at 13,000 rpm. Of course this really doesn't impress them since the entire purpose to have one of those things (can't bring myself to call them a motorcycle) is to park it in front of the pub and brag how much it cost. Starting to make even the bloody Mods look good now.
Scooter :lol:
You wouldn't believe it, there is a bike mag. here called Just Bikes it a mag. specifically for the selling of bikes, about half of the advertisements are for Harleys and about half of the Harleys are Choppers, it's a big business down here, some of them have a lot of work put into there manufacture, not like the bike that started this debate, but they are also very expensive, up to $100,000 OZ dollars.

It annoys the all-be-jeez out of me all the Harley BS particularly in Just Bikes mag.

I mean it is all a trendy vogue fashion BS thing anyway ~
And do you notice that the prices of harley Ferguson stuff is also BS.. but then if "you" want the Bling bling BS you got to pay for it.

Did any one ever see the "going faster" website that used to be on the web about 12 -18 months ago. It was owned and operated by a Florida Highway patrol man ~ he entire purpose was the disclosure of all grubby things regarding Hog and Harley fugglies.

The range of stuff that the merchandisers list is astounding. From Harley coffee, condoms, crapper seats, toilet paper , to coffins.. They even list a 1:1 size model of a hog in a glass bubble. I mean get a life.

One of his site quotes went something like : " If I wanted to work with retards and loose cannons ~ I would just open a Harley franchise !"

Maybe he was visited by KKK as well!

NO ! he lives. he is back I just did a search and found him hehahh ~ kool

My brother is a hog freak and knowing my brother is testimony enough !!!
Having rediscovered the goingfaster site .. here is perfect poitn in case of savage butchery and bling bling elcrapo ~ ... 1074QQrdZ1

I mean chopper bob BS ,.. aside doing that to a beautiful classic Brit bike . but $450 for a ~~~ oil tank.. I mean ~ the average US wage to pretty sad compared to the Australian wage.. but some people just have no idea of reality if they claim this is the numero uno bling bling!! :roll:
The bike is back, but this time starting at the knocked-down price of $2995. I would be willing to pay $800 for this machine, take all the useable bits, return it to standard spec and recoup my investment by selling all the extraneous 'billets' on e-bay to banjo players and the clinically insane!
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