Jan 15, 2008
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First post here, so I figured I'd better introduce myself.

I'm Paul Zuniga, from Laredo (south) Texas, and go by "GrandPaul" on most forums, "GrandPaulZ" on TriumphRat.Net due to a previous identity theft of my username. I am a past INOA member, as well as AMA, CMA, BIR, BMOA and several other alphabetically arranged, bike-related associations.

I've been into bikes for over 35 years, Britbikes for over 25 or so of those; in that time I've owned a few over 100 bikes. I've currently got a collection of bikes (40+), with a good bunch of Britbikes, and a decent little group of dry-framed unit Triumph Bonnevilles from 66 to 70. I raced my rookie season in AHRMA vintage roadracing on a '69 Bonnie last year, and hope to do 6 events this year. I do most of my own work, but farm out powdercoat, paint, chrome, machine work, etc., because my shop simply can't accommodate all that equipment and I'm not specifically trained to do those trades (although I do weld and bead blast besides all mechanical and electrical work).

As far as Nortons, I've got a '75 MkIII 850 which is non-typical in that it has never given me a problem with regards to the electric start. I also have two '70 Norton project bikes that have both frames powdercoated, and a box or two of new bits, just need to assemble them. I also recently committed to buying a '72 Combat that is nearly to the rolling stage, it has lots of go-fast (and stop-fast) goodies included.

I was invited over here by Chip, a current restoration client (72 Combat).

The only commercial plug I'll put in (by way of introduction) is that I am the proprietor of
Born Again Bikes, and I'll try to restrain any commercial content in my posts here, unless asked specifically and allowed by the board.

I have only read part of one thread here, so please allow me time to get "up to speed" as to the general atmosphere of this forum. Oh, by the way, in several years on the various on-line forums, my politics and/or religion have either been brought in or dragged in to the conversation; I have promised myself to do better and would appreciate help in this area by asking that if you have any personal questions for me, let's take it off the board.


You are of course most welcome.

We are a fairly easy-going and friendly bunch here, and no doubt, you will soon be joining in with our discussions!