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Greetings. I have just retrieved my 1974 licensed Norton from may family's property. It was last registered in 1985. It is either a roadster with interstate tank and seat or interstate with roadster side panels and pipes/mufflers.
I am in the process of getting it back on the road. I just had a new K81 tire mounted on hte front wheel - I have tried unsuccessfully to mount tyres in the past and believe it is a matter best left to those in the know. However, when I returned with the newly clad tyre discovered that the arrow indicating the direction for the front wheel was backwards. I have never used this shop before and I anticipate a battle with them saying that it doesn't make a difference. can you, please, advise.
Also, My disk brake puked its fluid over the right Lucas switchgear. I have rebuilt the caliper & master cylinder, but I recall, years ago, that the Lucas switchgear cannot be serviced. It appears to be possible to pull it appart for cleaning, but am I in for a nightmare of springs dancing all over the workshop? Any recommendations?
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Todd Stenson - Minnesota USA

if your tire ( tyre ) installer gives you a hard time than ask him if he knows more than dunlop!! the arrow's are there for the direction of load ie frount under braking rear accelaration and would like a law suit if I get hurt because you refused to mount it the proper way!!! if he does not fix it in a nice way than find a new shop.

the switch gear is not to bad to take apart but there is a few little springs. just do it in a clean open area so if you drop a spring you can find it and do it over a towel so they dont roll to far.

Bill is correct. Tire manufacturers design the tires for the proper rotation. Any reputable tire shop will know this. This could be an honest mistake because the 75 has the disc on the left which would dictate a different mounting. Approach it diplomatically and show him your disc is on the right, therefore it is incorrect. I bet he changes it right away.
Timely topic for me. I'm about ready to switch over to the disk so I need to remove my K81 from the drum brake wheel and mount it on the new wheel.

As bill alluded to above, I thought the tire was supposed to be mounted one way for the front and the other way for the rear? If so does the arrow indicate the correct orientation for the rear wheel or for the front?

Debby, It is clearly marked Front rotation and rear rotation on opposite sides of the tire.
Thanks very much, people. I just spoke with the shop and they will change the tyre around. They were very nice about it.
This is a great list. I have learned a lot.
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