Interstate tanks???

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Aug 8, 2005
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Hi all
I am looking for a Interstate tank and side covers (steel) to use on my 850 Commando that has a fiberglass roadster tank. I am going to convert the bike to Interstate profile because the bike doesn't have a seat or side covers. need some input on where I can aquire these Items.
I have them!

I have a fiberglass Interstate tank and side covers - what you are looking for. The tank and covers are black but need to be repainted - there was a fuel leak and took some paint off of the tank at rear bottom. The tank also has a few scuffs but overall is fine. I stripped and relined the tank last winter. This was an all-day project done very carefully, and it solved the leak problem completely!

I converted this Commando to a cafe-racer style and don't plan to return to Interstate.

Make me an offer and I'll pack it up and send it off to you. I am in Phila.

Stuart Ostroff
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