International Rally - Belgium 26th to 29th Aug

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Jun 16, 2005
Well, I've managed to get a pass out for the weekend, so I'll be taking my Boy over with me. Anyone else going?
my mail address is - my login name (lower case) at aol dot com.

Roy and Rory
It may be a last minute decision for me....not at all sure. Money and maybe time will decide. It's still a whole days trip there for me...but the last time I went to one of their doos, it was a good weekend. I couldn't make the Dutch NOC rally last year...haven't been to an NOC gig since the Millennium Rally south of London.....lot of us out of work here in Schnitzelland. Kind of limits your lifestyle...but we still find means to get the job done! Best!

PS.will do a PM if I can go and we will try to meet up......
Hi Hewho et all,
we'll be fairly unmistakable, a black and white cow will be hovering above the tent. Plan is to get the Thurs. afternoon ferry to Dunkirque, head over to Ieper (Ypres) for the 8pm ceremony at the Menin Gate. then on to the rally friday morning at a liesurely pace. and back on the Monday afternoon ferry - fortunately, I'm only haf an hour from Dover.
hope to see you there.
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