Installing rearsets on MKIII

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Jan 24, 2008
Hi everyone...I just got my rearsets I ordered from Mick Hemmings, just wondering if anyone has installed them before. It appears pretty straight forward...but they came with no diagram or anything so if you have any advice for things that I might not see I would apprecaite it.

Well just so ya don't feel bad Norvil is no better. Not even a suggestion of how to re-work the brake light switch, or deal with the now too long brake cable. Or paper templates for new plates for moving the buddy pegs back the same amount or so. Or the fact that with all alloy parts that are bolted on everything will need nipping up and re-loctieing . Fear not ,we all have some pictures of the way we did it. And the kick start lever that was counterintuitive it's the Atlas lever that worked for me. Commandos cry for rear sets don't they. Here's my right side your problems with a mark three are totally different of course.
yeah I guess I expected to at least get a diagram of the rear sets on the bike...hell a picture of them on a bike would help. I think I've got it...but it would be nice to have some type of a guide...oh well, I'll get it. Yeah I agree...they do cry for rearsets...
When I saw MKIII, I thought of Left-foot-disc-rear brake like my 75.

Should be plug-n-play...
yeah it shouldn't be too bad. Yep, it's a 75 left side shift. can't wait to get them on there
Good aint it? spend all that money and they can't be arsed to give you fitting instructions. Surely torque settings for fixings on such crucial components should at least be included but I bet not much R&D went into some of these parts. :shock:
I don't have any photos here at work, but my Mk3 cafe racer has rearsets from RGM. I don't know how different the ones Mick Hemmings sells, but the Mk3 rearsets are quite different from the right side shift units. The ones I have use a bolt in the stock foot peg holder in place of the peg. This bolt has a rocker to reverse the direction of the motion to actuate the stock master cylinder. Since this is a hydraulic unit, the brake light switch is undisturbed.

The shifter side is simply a peg drilled through the aluminum Z plate with a linkage to the shift rod. Pretty straightforward. Assemble the units loosely on the floor first before you drill any holes.

When I put a Mk3 cradle and rear wheel on my '74 850 mule, I mounted a small Airheart mastercylinder (from a dirt tracker) above the rear fender on the plate at the back of the main frame tube. A cable runs from the left side rearset to a bracket holding the end of the cable housing. The cable works the bellcrank on the master cylinder. A banjo bolt/pressure switch combo takes care of the brake light.

I tried to work a Brembo similar to what you did, but with rearsets, there just wasn't room.

Here's some shots of how I took care of moving the passenger pegs up and rearward away from the driver's heels.

I apologize for the rattiness of the "mule" in these pictures. It has since been tidyed up a bit.
Hey Ron

Thanks for the info. Each side from Mick is actually already assembled which helps...and it looks pretty easy. I'm going to attack it tomorrow. His design is pretty much just bolt drilling required. The right side does look a little more difficult than the left.

thanks for all the help! -T
I think that's a great idea, but the kicker is going to be bothering your calf.
thanks them installed. Just have to wait for it to stop raining for me to take it out and see if the linkage needs to be adjusted etc
Yea, That's Combat Pete down in Sydney I have a nice bunch of shots of it Just PM me with your email addy if you need more.
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