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Inserting pictures in the is forum

Discussion in 'Norton Commando Motorcycles (Classic)' started by hewhoistoolazytologin, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. hewhoistoolazytologin


    Mar 19, 2005
    As to putting pictures on the forum......

    The pictures have to be first loaded up on some server, for example, a homepage you have. Just load them up and place them in the list of domuments you have stored there. Don't put it into some other document on the site...leave it all by itself, with it's own address.

    For example: http://www.mowbray.de/nortonseat/d1_1_b.jpg

    You can use also any of the free photo storage services offered in the net too. Just make a note of exactly what address it owns.

    Remember, a huge, 768X1024 picture, will fill the forum upand make it so you have to push the slide to the side to see the whole photo...and tick all of us poor readers off...use a smaller size picture...max maybe 600X800. Once the picture is in the internet at it's own address , call it up by typing in the FULL address for it in the block at the top of I.E., or whatever browser you use, to make sure the browser will actually find the photo and display it. Click on the address that has just worked, mark it and copy.

    Then, in the forum, place the cursor where you want the picture to appear and hit the "IMG" button on top of the area you write in, that will place a [​IMG] after the address. Try it in the "preview"...you should be able to see picture then. What essentually happens is that the forum goes to the address of the photo...finds it and loads it into the forum for us to see...."wonders of the internet". If it works in the preview...it will work when you hit "Submit" too. Remember, this photo will only be available to view for as long as you leave it on the storage service or homepage....cleaning out stuff will result in no picture being there in the forum to see.

    I had to ask someone how to do this too....don't know...till you ask.......
  2. Jerry Doe

    Jerry Doe Admin

    May 21, 2003

    Thanks for explaining that.

    I can enable it so photos can be uploaded and other fancy things.

    I stopped the ability about 2 years ago due to disk space and bandwidth usage here at this site.

    You'd be surprised at the BW usage. The space is currently at over 300MB for the whole site.

    If anyone needs webspace for hosting or photos we sell that cheaply. Just let me know,

    ride safe

  3. RoyGuilfoyle


    Jun 16, 2005
  4. RoyGuilfoyle


    Jun 16, 2005

    clearly that didn't work, but copying and pasting into the address bar seems to. more computer practice needed me thinks.

  5. hewhoistoolazytologin


    Mar 19, 2005

    Apparently won't do that...needs a password to get into the website...it will only work if you use the address that will get you right to the picture...nothing inbetween like the "login" page you gave the address for. The address has to have something like .jpg on the end of it...or whatever file type you have made the photos in. Gifs or pngs might work too.


    Yup!!! They work too. When I have time..I will make a couple screen savers or at least something that looks better than the little gif I have just thrown together.....

    Try it again...but put your pictures at an address that doesn't have the https type title...that means it is secure...and the forum can't get at it to see it....

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