Inner tank coatings????

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Mar 1, 2007
I have used you guys advise and cleaned my tank of rust with a combination of methods suggested. It cleaned up nicely and has no holes that have rusted through. Should I run it like it is or should I use a good tank liner??? What is the best and where do I get it??? I am in Fort Worth Texas USA
After using a cr...y UK resin first time round I tried US made POR 15 and got really good results. It leaves a nice metallic silver finish and has held up well for 2 yrs. Even in Tx it will rust internally so I wouldn't run without some kind of sealer. The last thing you want is lots of tiny rust particles blocking the Amal idle jets every few weeks.
Personally I have always considered tank coatings to be a last resort option, as I see no reason why steel tanks cannot continue to be used as they are, if they are still sound?

I have never experienced any kind of recurring problem due to rust clogging filters or jets in any motorcycle I've ever owned, although I don't normally leave fuel in tanks for long periods if the bike isn't being used. So personally, I wouldn't try to fix a problem that may not actually exist.

And if any future tank repair work is needed then the coating may need to be stripped out?
I've just had a lot of problems with rusty tanks I guess. True that a rustfree tank won't dump particles in the fuel system but once it has started it never goes away without metal replacement. Yes keeping the tank topped up is the answer but fuel goes off and my bike only gets occasional use over winter. Both Petseal and POR can be removed with paintstripper but it is a messy job.
I have had some problems with tank crud getting into the carbs on one of my Vincents. I considered the tank sealer but was talked out of it by a club member who had big problems with the sealer letting go after a few years. Then you really have crud getting into the carbs!
In the end I just bought some inexpensive see-through inline filters from an automotive shop.
These are very small and unobtrusive, but fine enough to strain out even the most minute crud. Because they are see thru, you can see the dirt building up in them and change them ($3 ea) long before fuel starvation becomes a problem.
My very knowledgeable (and stubborn) friend Dan will not run filters on a motorcycle as he claims they can partially plug and cause lean running/piston failure. I don't see how this is possible with the see thru filter, provided you look at it now and then. On the other hand, crud constantly going into the carbs is not only maddening to deal with, it very definitely causes fuel starvation.
The last three trips Dan and I have done together involved a lot of time at roadside with him dissassembling and cleaning his plugged carb jets, both a set of Mikunis on one bike and Amals on the other.
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