important question for friday, needed asap!

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Jul 18, 2005
i forgot to take my notes with me and i am going to the scrapyard today to get a front wheel, hub, disc. problem is i dont have the measurements for my axle size diameter (spindle i think is the correct term), and the maximum width between the forks.

does anyone have this handy or could get it for me by later today i would be forever grateful and would save me some driving and time.

its for my 74 850.

im going to the scrapyard to get a dual disc hub that would fit with my stock forks and axle. then im going to get that hub built into a 19" wheel of some sort and run some adaptors ive made to the stock fender stays and hopefully have dual discs on my bike. if this works out and works well im going to sell them on the side as a kit of some sorts. im going to be using brembo 4pot calipers.

i found this on jerry's site..

front spindle = .66671/6670 in. <-- im not sure what that exactly means though! haha.

i also know that from the center of each fork leg on the top of the triple tee, the measurement is 109mm.

am i that far off? really i guess now the spindle is the only thing that im unsure of
The distance between the front wheel axle/spindle mounting lugs is 5 1/4 inches (133.35mm)

The part of the axle that passes through the hub is 17mm (which just happens to be 0.6670 inches).

Lug distance dimensions were taken from the parts and not done from memory or notes so should be OK.
awesome! thank you LAB..

hopefully i can find a hub that will fit that.
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