Impact wrench to remove rotor and clutch nuts?

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Jun 14, 2007
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Anybody ever used an impact wrench to remove your rotor and clutch nuts on a Commando? Success?

I'm installing a new chain and the old one's off, so I can't prevent rotation by putting in gear with rear brake on.

Both normal right-hand nuts, right?

Thanks folks - BrianK
Yes right hand threads.

I place a piece of wood between the chain and the clutch sprocket to lock it all up when loosening or tightening those nuts.
Anybody ever used an impact wrench to remove your rotor and clutch nuts on a Commando?

Yep! All the time. Like Les, I wedge the chain and the sprocket except I use an old plastic screwdriver handle. I use a torque wrench rather than the impact to tighten though! :wink:
Take care you can do a lot of damage with an impact wrench. You'll be putting a bit of shock into the bearing thrust faces, perhaps well over what they would normally expect to see in service.


Been there ... done it ... and for my 2 cents it is the easiest way to REMOVE either nut . However , as suggested previously .. DO NOT attempt to drive these back on tight with the impact. You can buy or even make a tool that locks up the clutch on re-assmbly and makes torqueing of these nuts quite easy.
For my 2c worth, I usually use a socket and sliding bar. Give the bar a sharp tap with the hammer - same result, no side force applied to the bearings but the nuts loosen easily. Only ever to be used for undoing!!
Just did 'em, worked a treat. Zipped em off so fast I really doubt it could have stressed any bearings. Actually, I'm wondering if they were under-torqued. I'll torque 'em properly, with a drop or two of blue loctite, going back on.

Thanks as always folks - BrianK
Are you using a powered or hammer type of wrench ?

I'd got it in my head you were using a hit it with a hammer impact wrench.
I still have on of those in my tool kit, and get to use it once in a while, but not this time!

I bought a cheapo electric impact wrench off eBay a while ago - needed it to get at the sprag clutch on my Ducati, which I've removed and tightened several times and then recently had to replace.

Darned thing is pretty nice to have! And I think it was all of $25...
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