If you could give one piece of Commando advice what is it?

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Mar 18, 2005
I'll start (and nobody be shy here, eh!):

Never overtorque (40 ftlbs. max) the clutch nut. Because the circlip will not be able to take it and will either break or be unseated. Things will rapidly go south from their regarding your clutch and it will drive you insane. Well. not insane, but something similar! I became so paranoid about this I used to use spare circlips as zipper pulls, I kid you not.

Next, please....
Most of you probably already know this but here it is for those who don't...

If you're having trouble cold starting after the bike has sat for a couple of weeks, it fires right away but immediately dies and doesn't want to restart:

Drain the sump. Then top off the oil tank and fire it up. It took me six months to figure this one out. I had no idea wetsumping could cause symptoms like that.

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