Identifying a Commando

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Apr 18, 2007
I will son get a 72 Commando, and according to records it bears an ID #
of 202134. Can anyone help me identify exactly what this bike is? I was told that it was a 750 Combat.

Thanks for any help!
Yes it could well be a Combat specification model, the first Combat supposedly eng. number 200976, so look for black cylinder barrels, 32mm carbs, a 'C' and 'RH3' stamped on top of the cylinder head, and a disc front brake.
Other clues could be found inside the engine, like the skimmed cylinder head and Combat camshaft. But any part of this specification could have been changed by now?

You should be able to get more information about the original specification from the UK Norton Owners Club. Non-NOC members are charged £25 GBP for this information ... etail.html
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