Hyde Fork Brace

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Jul 14, 2008
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My scooter fell over in a drain the other day, unfortunately I was still attached, 30-40kmph just slid straight off the road, hence my gripe about AVON tyres wet weather stickability.One result was that my forks appeared bent, after checking I found it was my fork brace , thinking I would need two sturdy bars to straighten it I quickly tried using the assembled fork legs, it appears HYDE made the brace out of some sort of silver butter, by placing my forearm between the forktubes I can move it a mile. Aligned the tubes up by eye and use verneirs to get them parrallel.
Reason for rant,if you have one of these and it makes the fork action stiffer, it is extreamly easy to straighten.
Ugh Splat,
I do so relate so don't think less of ya earning that name.

Interesting Hyde poor ridgy report to me.
DO the stanchions test roll against each other to really
get sense of their straightness. Mild crooks can be tweaked
back to good service but never really true again.

I can recommend the RGM fork brace as robust bridge
and provided additional support over lap at full extension.
Its a bugger to dial out striction if the stanchions are
even slightly tweaked.

After road worthy again, might carry extra electrics
kit, crashes rattle Lord Lucas 'Lectrics to fault zones.

BTW Check the stem fork stops and for brake mount

Oh Yeah, shocks to spinal cord by impacts-strains and emotional
reflexes can take a bit to show up as various aches and
weariness and not be felt much where you impacted.

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