How often do you use your Nortons?

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Jan 10, 2006
I think I've already finnished (by now) with my bike rebuild.
It used to belong to an old man who mistreated the bike and who used the worst materials on it (today I've found a shoe lace instead of a retaining strip in one of the oil lines... that's why it leaked!)
After all the homework's been done I belive the time has come to use the Norton more oftenly, but how often?
Is it a machine for a daily use?
Could I use to go to work?
I'm still afraid to rise the revs higher than 4k just in case it beaks down...
Please, tell me your experiences!

Cheers! :wink:
4000 RPM that's the minimim right. Commando's don't like being lugged at anything below you are useing up all the good parts and getting no fun. If you have done some oil changes, lashed the valves, checked the timming, and done your plug chop tests and found all is well proceed with hast to the 6500 it so comes alive at. On a highway don't run the bike under 4250 no kidding. Gear to meet or slightly exceed your speed limit. I would never enter a corner without being in a gear that keeps 4000 on tap that is minimum for saftey of your hide. Power will remove you from trouble much better than brakes in the twisties.
I use mine daily (rain or shine) and have found it quite reliable. I have had this particular bike for about 3 years now and have put 15k miles on it. The main problem I have encountered is if I get stuck in a traffic jam the bike will heat up and the idle will become erratic. and if I don't blip the throttle to keep the rpm up the engine will stop. I am converting to Mikuni to replace the tired Amals, hoping this will help.
This will depend on you...and how well you maintain the bike.....a well maintained Commando will be a daily rider, and give you goose bumps every time you hit the throttle....a poorly maintained Commando will become a pain in the ass and you will not be happy with it.

It all depends on you, not on the bike. Keep her in shape, and she will still rock your socks off, long after both you and the wife have gotten your false is all up to you.
I ride mine everyday. Not incredibly long rides but some at least everyday. It's always gotten me home, but sometimes it's developed "character" along the way :p
I have a 25 mile one way ride to work,20 miles of freeway, 65 / 70 mph,I ride every day possible,have not had a break down yet -- in 4 years ,properly maintained your Commando will last and last and la -well, you get the picture.An infrequently ridden bike quite often develops problems i.e. gummy carbs.,corroding electrical connections / contacts.Ride the machine as much as you can and you will see what all of the guys are talking about.Ride safely, James.
6-700 per week

I ride my 850 most every day, self employeed and use it for my rounds and pleasure rides. Living in north central WA we only get around 7 months of safe (no ice) riding. Keep it well maintained and ride it like you stole it!
i ride my bike every day i can! i live in idaho and the winter is a storage situation. this spring i pushed through the snow to get it to the cleared road. 32 degrees was invigorating! i got the bike late fall, so everyday is a gift day to ride. my ride starts and ends with a 5 mile canyon road to town, then a two lane with no freeways in site. ideal. the sound of that engine at throttle is like no other. i plan on maintaining it to the best of my ability. im sure you can tell by these replies they are dailey riders. norbsa has the right idea, my bike is happiest with the revs up! ride it like you stole is is brilliant! enjoy
Re: 6-700 per week

Ted said:
Keep it well maintained and ride it like you stole it!
This one is quite ilustrative :lol:.

I believe I've done a good work with the bike. We'll be seeing if I'm right...
Anyway I won't take Ted's advice very literally, just in case :wink:
Thanks everyone for your advices and experience.
Wish I could meet you all, buddies!
Sparkplug has a good point, wouldn't a get together of forum brethren and sister be a top idea, i've always wanted an excuse to visit U.S. or U.K. or SPAIN or Schnitzelland or Norway or anywhere that speaks Nortonian.
Good Stuff L.A.B., Pity the only OZ branch is in Victoria it's a long way from BrisVegas, like Lands End to John o' Groats i think they say.
mike mcmanus said:
Pity the only OZ branch is in Victoria it's a long way from BrisVegas

Start your own Brisbane branch!!
Sparkplug, check this site.

You might try the International Norton Owners Association web site at
to find a local chapter or club near you. You'll not meet a stranger at one of the Norton functions, everybody is helpfull and friendly, great rides and food and suds. Ted
Ted... These guys are not in US/Canada so INOA does not work. But I can tell you that Reg on this board in Bisbane knows lots of Brit Bikers.
Yes Greg(norbsaxxxx), Reg tried for 3 years to get a "social club" for commando owners together. There was a NOC in Brisbane until the late 80s when it folded due to lack of interest.

FYI Mike McManus, My name is Reg Ellis & I live in Brisane & have ridden down to the Hunter Valley NOC "Norton Day" the last couple of years & last year rode down to Sydney NOC "Norton Day". I always ride down on my own because it is just "too far" for anyone else I know with a commando. The road trips are always fantastic, I cannot understand other commando riders not doing them. The Melbourne NOC is not the only NOC in Australia.

I have been trying to form a good group of commando riders for around 3 years now. When I did organise a few trips around Brisbane, some people complained about 200 ks being too far. So I have given up & ride mainly on my own now. Although there are a few of us that go for rides very occassionally. I ride my own commando almost daily. Actually, I just got back from Cairns on my commando. Round trip was 3,800 klms & my bike did not miss a beat or let me down.

I have kept my web site up purely to help any other commando owners with information on commandos. The link is below.

Mike McManus, go for it, see if you can't get a NOC club going in Brisbane.
My suggestion would be to have a stand at the Laverda Day that is held under the story bridge in June? each year. It can't be far away & is normally advertised in the back of Just Bikes magazine.

Otherwise check out the "British Singles Club", they meet in Albion monthly. Do not be put off by the name, they cater for all british bikes & are as good a bunch of people as you will meet anywhere in the biking world. ( You gotta admit..there can be some strange people in the biking world)
G'day Reg,
We met a while back when i was looking for a bike( how's your back) and i regularly attend your great website, it sounds to me like you didn't have a lot of luck in the past trying to get some sort of organization going, i suppose that's why this forum is so successful, you don't have to do anything but sit on your backside and press some keys to get all the info you want.
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