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Sep 27, 2005
Hello all,
Great forum. Have learned a good bit just reading here. I am restoring a MKIII roadster & getting towards the end of the project. Hey better late than never to find you guys.
Have a ton of questions, but for starters, Does anyone have a good location suggestion for mounting a podtronics regulator? (besides the obvious from the purists) All stock configuration, down to the battery strap.
Looks crowded in the bat box. Also wondered what the effect would be of leaving the zeners in as grounds? or would they screw up the pod?

Thanks for any help,
a slick place i think klaus put his is on the front of the breather under the carb rubbers...lotsa airflow and says i customised this bike...unless of course you are afraid of upsetting the purist-original-gotta-be-stock-or-you-are-a-loser-who-should-give-me-that-norton-because-i-know-better type....i dont think that leaving the zeners in is a good idea because they dictate the ground polarity and may have a slightly different breakover voltage than the pod regulator circuit....if you would leave in the zener why not use the rest of the lucas setup?
zeners/stock loser

Thanks for the input. Starting out with the stock original loser approach(only casue I dont know any better yet). Figure I'll change as I do learn things on the bike. Kinda thought my old zener/ new elctrics approach was goofy myself, just after seeing how neat the harness ended on them, it crossed my mind as a double ground. Already had the pod rectifier. Trying to do as little as possible in the way of drilling extra holes or cutting wire till I get more of a feel for the bike & best systems, but that access plate on the stock air box is tempting.
Will let you know when I mount it.
Little history

This bike by the way sat in open barn since 1977. Has about 3200 miles on it and was about 98.5% all there when I got hold of it. Had 2-1-2 dunstalls(completely rusted out at the mufflers. Headers & Y pipe ugly,funtional.Taillight partly missing, no blinkers or headlight. LOTS of rust.
One cylinder was frozen hard, but bottom end still looked pretty clean inside & still had some oil. Appeared to shift, calipers stuck to discs, etc.
This started as a minimum to run job....................... soon it ate my brain, & here I am.
As to my history. its a sordid tale which included a couple of combats in the 70's. Always wanted another Norton.
Really nice forum.
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