Help Temp Insanity!!! was->fitting the clutch center bear

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Aug 23, 2004
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As I said before, my advice when purchasing the clutch center and bearing was to freeze the bearing and drop it over the clutch center, and then install in clutch sprocket. When I drove out the old bearing yesterday I saw that that couldn't work since the bearing and center install from opposite sides.

Today In a fit of time-pressed enthusiasm, i switched my brain off, and installed the bearing onto the clutch center first. So of course, now i can't get the bearing plus center into the clutch sprocket... dumb!

Is this a one shot deal, and have I ruined the clutch center now? Any tips to get the bearing back off? Will it be usable when i do?

Learning by doing is bloody expensive...

Hi all,

I just purchased a new clutch centre, and bearing as my old centre was really chewed up.

I still need to drive out the old bearing, but what is the best way to refit? In the haynes manual I have, it just has a picture, and says the bearing is a drive fit. I had some advice to "freeze" the bearing, and heat the center and then "drop" the bearing on the center - but that seems wrong? I would have thought that both the bearing and the centre should be chilled, and the clutch sprocket/basket/drum (whatever it's proper name is) should be heated?


Skippy, I have changed quite a number of these bearings over the years and I simply knock them in and out cold. The circlips hold them in position and I have never had one spin in it's housing or do anything else untoward. Do make sure that you knock the bearing in by using an old socket or piece of pipe to bear on the outer race and support the inner race in order not to stress the balls by simply nocking it in using the centre.
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