Help please on reinstalling transmission in '74 mk2a Commando

Jun 8, 2018
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I need advice on how to reinstall my 74 mk2a transmission.

1. Do I need to remove the inside primary case from the engine to reinstall the transmission ?

2. If answer to 1. is no, how do I need to position the transmission to reinstall ?

Thank you in advance,

Ron Wellman

Midland, MI


Nov 20, 2004
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I think the inner primary case would almost certainly have to be removed, as the middle* and lower* rear engine mounting bolts (Mk2A) need to be removed so the engine and cradle can be pivoted apart in order to gain enough clearance to insert (or remove) the gearbox and the head of the middle 3/8" bolt (item 29) could be on the left-hand side so unless it has been reversed then inner primary would have to come off.

*(Factory manual says to remove upper bolt but isn't necessary)
Gearbox removal Section D7

The inner primary support stud would also have to be slackened and I doubt the gearbox could be installed with the inner primary case in position and the mainshaft and sleeve gear (and sprocket) fitted to the gearbox as the gearbox has to be inserted into the cradle and then rotated into position.

Be sure to fit the spacer 03.0023 (item 34) between the left-hand end of the upper gearbox lug and the cradle.
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Jan 1, 2012
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I fitted mine yesterday. The gearbox fits neatly through the gearbox-engine cradle from the rhs but I found it easier to remove the whole oil filter arrangement as the hoses and clips obstruct the easy movement of the gearbox. When/if you remove the oil filter take a picture or draw the oil hose arrangement to help get it right on the refit. There are pix on the web if you forget....