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Dec 16, 2003
Hello Jery and mates. Great site. I used to follow along on your old site. This is my 1st time to the new site. Great info and links. I enjoy reading the restoration tips and details since I hope to do one some day myself.

My question is does anyone have any pics of a "larger framed" person riding a Norton. I'm 5'11" @230 lbs. My wife is concerned I look too large to be riding a smaller framed bike. What do you think?
Hi Stavenstumper,

Welcome (back?)

I can't help on the larger-rider picture. Maybe someone out there ...
Don't worry about it. Learn to ride the Norton well, and no one will care. Infact, they will be amazed at how well a "large" person can go on a "small" bike with such skinny tires. I'm same height and 250 lbs and get no complaints from my riding companions. As for anyone else, who cares?

64 Featherlastic
large folks

Yeah, I'm 6'3" and 230 and my Hog-riding friends laugh at me. Funny they can't keep up with me.
I'm 6'7"and 240 and look like Barry Sheene flying down the mainstraight.

Now whats the problem? :wink:
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