Hello, and WTB 18" Rear wheel for 73 commando

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Mar 21, 2007
Hello, and WTB 18" Rear wheel for 73 commando. I've been lurking here for awhile. I've had a "73 Commando since 2002. I'm in the process of doing a frame off restoration and mild custom.

I'm looking for a 18" wheel/hub, or just the rim dimpled and drilled for a commando hub. I hope to match it to my stock Dunlop front so chrome steel would be first choice.

Thanks, Dave
If you're doing a restoration, you'll probably want a new rim - all the usual suppliers should be able to help. Getting a genuine Donlop rim might be a little harder. I'm using an 18" rear wheel from an Atlas on my '70 Fastback. It bolted right on but only because the bike has never been updated to the cush drive rear hub. A pal of mine laced a Kaw Z-1 rear rim (chrome steel) up to his '73 hub, but it's not a Dunlop look-alike. Flanged alloy rims are classy, but I also like the look of the satin finish flangeless rims too.

Whichever way you go it wont be cheap.

Good Luck
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