Handlebar switch

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Aug 28, 2008
Hi all....My 750 was 1st put on the road in january 1970....can anyone please tell me what type of handlebar switch unit I should have......thanks
I think it would have had the Triconsul switch originally. However the Triconsul switch isn't available as a new part as far as I know.
The nearest option is the Tricon but they do not have exactly the same switch functions as the Triconsul.

Tricon: http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/V ... w10129.jpg
If you use the Tircon switch, don't connect the wire from the red button to the harness where the green button wire on the Triconsul is connected. The red button goes to ground when pushed where the green button is a headlight flash and is attached to a live wire from the battery. Making this connection will certainly blow the fuse if the the button is pressed.

Here's the wiring diagram for these switches.
Handlebar switch

It is possible to re-wire these switches if you have some bits of copper strips. I pickup any of these old switches I can (cheap) to rob them of parts to make working Triconsul switches. I have converted Tricon to Triconsul (but with the red button rather than green) several times.
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