handlebar switch function

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Oct 30, 2003
What is the function of the handlebar switches? The top button on the left side is the kill switch and it works. The other two switches do nothing.. On the right side the bottom button (when depressed only) lights the headlamp and the green neurtal light????? on the headlamp shell. The other two switches don't seem to function. Also, what does the toggle switch on the headlamp shell do? Mine does'nt seem to do anything. My bike is a recently purchased 72 roadster. The only reference material presently at my disposal is a Clymer manual. The ash connecting rod on my BFH is cracked and in the shop for repairs so I'm without the proper diagnostic tool.
top left kill - left lever turn signels - bottom left blank. top right horn that probley dont work -lever high low beam - bottom high beam flash.

I exercised my right to be free of the cumbersom things and instead went with a Magura switch that fits neatly on the left hadlebar and controls all the functions I need.

Find a switch you like and rewire your bike so you know what is what.
If Jerry has a function for this forum to place files someplace I can drop off the wiring diagram for my Norton.

Jerry has posted pics of my handle bar setup....
Not open for further replies.