Gordon Myers

Feb 18, 2018
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Roger Myers, founder of RGM Norton, has posted on their website that his father Gordon passed away at the age of 94. So the business will reopen on January 5th, after the funeral.
Many motorcycle businesses are run by old stiffs. He could be another Jeremy Bentham. But I think he did very well. I am 81, and many of my friends have died already. I never feel bad when somebody in their 90s dies. I feel happy for their success. At age 81, I already count myself as a winner. I should have been dead in my 60s, but I got divorced, and repaired. I never worry about death. If you maintain your interest in life, you might stay alive longer. What I value most in life is a happy experience. I am not money-motivated.
I was like a Norton Commando, I became depleted. But my new owner loves me and cares for me.
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