Gooping up the cylinder head studs?

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Jun 14, 2007
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The INOA tech digest suggests (p.2, "Cylinder Head Oil Leak Fix") unscrewing the 5/16" diameter studs taht are screwdd into the cylinder casting and gooping them up with gasket sealer to prevent an oil-air mixture from creeping up the threads and out to atmosphere.

What studs are they talking about? I don't see where any of the stud holes terminate anywhere they could be picking up oil/air?

PS, found the studs, wasn't hard to figure out which ones, but HTH they could be causing this problem or how gooping up the threads would cure it are not apparent to me....
"but HTH they could be causing this problem or how gooping up the threads would cure it are not apparent to me...."

Me neither - those stud holes in the cyl do not intrude/join any other passage that could cause "oil/air" to exit to the atmosphere. Only way I could see it happening is if the head gasket failed. But I'll be interested to hear input from folks with a lot more experience with Nortons re this.
Thought of that, but even if the gasket fails, how is gooping the threads that go down into the barrels gonna help? Maybe gooping up the threads going up into the head would help, but that's clearly not what the tech digest suggests.

So yeah, any of you guys got the answer, please chime in!
Thanks Ludwig. Guess I'm lucky enough (as is Mike) not to have one of those particular bikes.

Hey, while I'm at it - the oil drain hole in the rear right of the cylinder head/barrels - how the heck does that drain oil? Mine seems to terminate in a blind hole in the crankcase - does not appear to "penetrate" the crankcase itself. Looked pretty carefully and felt the inside of the crankcase - no hole! Love to figure out this one! Thanks - Brian
Brian, doesn't the drain do a 90° right turn and enter high up in the timing chest ?

Dammit, that Ludwig's fast ! :)
It might. I didn't see that, but it's possible. Got the barrels back on and I'll be danged if I'm pulling them again! Thanks folks.
Hmm, compressed air down the hole in the cylinder is going somewhere, so I guess it does exit in the timing chest. Thanks for your replies, I feel a little bit less stupid now!
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