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I have a 1970 Commando that has not been ridden in a while. I've moved to a place in North Carolina (Raleigh) where there isn't anyone who knows Nortons and I certainly don't. Does anyone have any advice for helping me get my bike started? I can't find anywhere in the Haynes manual even to tell me how to charge the battery. Previously, it was running very well. Thanks a lot.
If you haven't experienced getting an unused bike started after it sat for a bunch of look around for a neighbor interested in Antique bikes...most have pulled one out of a barn at some time, and got it going.
Other than that, to charge a battery...if it is at all worth playing with a battery that has sat for years, I doubt. Take it to a shop and get them to sell you a new one. If, on the other hand, it isn't too old, pull it out, make sure there is WATER in it to just above the plates, in each cell, remove the caps from the cells, and put it on a battery charger, make SURE the leads are hooked up right, plus and minus...and load it for a day at LOW amps/power...a car battery charger will, unless you can adjust the amps, be too strong and might blow the battery son did that once. If all this is confusing...take the battery to a shop...and let them do it...better safe than sorry. Remember the norton will hook up the plus to the ground lead!
As to the rest of the bike...mostly the carbs/tank/ fuel filters might be in need of cleaning before it will start, or the contact points will need cleaning, all stuff that if you have no experience, it is best to make friends with some local antique bike fan.
From reading your letter...all in all....the readers in the forum can give you a thousand tips and such, but if you really don't know, for example, how to charge a to really ask at the shops for people that know antique bikes, and make friends with one. Some tricks and tips, can't be explained, or understood, without seeing and doing, hands on. I'm sure you will find local help...if there are no nortons around...try HD riders...most of them know how to get a bike going. Best of luck, and safe riding!
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