Front end damage

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Apr 15, 2004
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I pulled apart the old TLS forks and was surprised at how badly bent the stanchions were. They both have a sharp bend at the lower triple clamp. With a straightedge I measured a 10 mm offset at the top of the tube on one and 8 mm on the other. I assume that exceeds the service limit? :lol:

Is it possible for them to bend that much under normal service? Or is it more likely DPO slammed into something (perhaps one of those Michigan potholes I hear about?)

It also looks like the front rim may have been replaced. I think on the other thread someone mentioned the original Dunlop drum brake rims were stamped MB41. This one is not. It's a Dunlop rim but is stamped MB11 and also W1230. The lettering is hard to read, as if the rim has been rechromed. The rear rim is stamped MB41.

So I'm curious about those numbers. Does that mean the rim has been replaced or do those numbers match original Norton production?

Hi Deb,

My MK III rims, which are original, have the following markings: Front = WM2-19 MC 275; Rear = WM2-19 MC 287. I don’t know if this is any help to you as I have disc brakes you have drums, but thought I’d offer the info anyway.

Regarding the bent fork tubes, I can assure you that this was caused by a collision with something far greater and immovable than a pot hole. DPO, whoever he or she is, must have run into a wall, or car or something of that magnitude in order to bend the forks to the degree you mentioned.

Hi again Debby,
Consider having those fork tubes straightened. As long as they are not kinked it is easily accomplished. Over the years I have straightened
many fork tubes that were bent far worse than what you describe and never had any problems with them.
justa thought,
I bought new tubes as these were also heavily pitted. The new ones are on the bike now. Was just curious about what might have damaged the old ones.

stock rims

Hi Debby,

I gave you the information about MB41 Dunlop rims are original fit for Norton full width drum brake wheels from 1957 on. My '61 ES2 also had these front and back. The 850 MkIII as posted would have different codes as they are both disc brake wheels. It's very likely the PO ran into something as you suspect. I agree with replacing the tubes rather than straightening them.

How's the front wheel offset, fixed?
Hi David,

The front wheel offset is temporarily fixed - using a borrowed wheel :)

The guy who loaned it to me had three spare wheels to choose from :!:
He said I could use this one for the season. So I haven't gotten around to rebuilding my wheel yet. Need to order new spokes one of these days...

Thought it was you who posted the MB41 info but couldn't remember...

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