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Feb 10, 2004
BMM...Bonehead Move of the Month. I think I fried my Boyer. Hooked the power lead and the ground lead to the Pos terminal. Now it won't start. Idiot lites are on, battery is charged but it acts like it's not getting any spark when kicked over. Any way to test the unit?

After 17 years of ownership you'd think hooking up the battery would be 2nd nature but I guess it was bound to happen. :oops:

Geo (feelin' pretty lame)
75 Commando
OldBritts has some troubleshooting info posted on their site, in the tech section. Perhaps that would help...

Thanks Debbie, did a Google search on Boyer ignitions-found that site and others including DynoDave's 'research' on the Boyers and a cool BSA site, The Piled Arms Pub. It has a good write up on Boyer systems in their Tech section.

Due to the nature of my "wrenching" I'm 99% sure the unit is toast. I'll test it this weekend but I'm reading about Boyer's ignitions. Technology has advanced since I installed mine 8 or 10 years ago. The older units are analog and the new units are digital. My analog unit was working quite nicely so I'm inclined to replace with the same. Also, comments about the digital systems working best on a near fully charged battery are a bit concerning. I think I'd prefer the analog system which is said to be not as dependent on the battery and charging system.

Thanks again for the tip.
Dave, is the next meeting this Sat, the 8th or the 15th? Good chance I could make the 15th but this Sat is opening day for Little League and both my boys are playing.

Mine does seem to kick back quite a bit now that you mention it. I wasn't aware the Boyer caused those kind of problems. I thought is was the battery not being 100%. It seems to lose cranking power after a day or so riding. I keep it up with a Tender between rides but I need the kick starter to help out.

These days the Norton is my Sunday morning rider. I'm switching to a single 34mm Mikuni this year just to make it a bit easier on the slower around town stuff. Full on performance is not the mission so I don't mind losing from the top end.
Kick back

Geo, You will find that a slow kick thru with the ing. on just before your going to touch the starter button will teach the boyer brain witch cylinder to fire therfore preventing Kick backs. Try it you will like it. norbsa48503
Thanks for the tip. I'll probably replace with the same Boyer. If it wasn't for my tom-foolery I'm sure it would still be serving me well.
Geo, Please don't base your purchuse of a Boyer on my advice. I belive that Dyno Dave is right and that the Rita is the way to go on your 75 bike. I still stand by my practice of slow kicking the bike to prevent kick backs with the ign. on. it works for many I know. But I wouldn't risk your sprag clutch on the random firings of the anolog Boyer. My advice was to get you by till you could get the right ign. system. And I have done it and it works for me but I can give you no reason that it will work every time and it dosn't take too many to destroy your sprag. norbsa
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